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1965 Falcon Hi-Po

Special Order High Performance race car!

 Not for sale

One of 7 produced!!

Originally ordered and raced throughout the 60's as "The Teachers Pet". This little rocket was the winner of 35 class championships! Full documentation and complete history come with this one of a kind collector vehicle.

This car was special ordered by G.Thompson in 1965 with some very unusual options including a Hi-Po 271 horsepower Challenger V-8,  NASCAR "top loader" close ratio 4-speed transmission and a Detroit locker "no spin" differential. There were only 7 of these 4-speed Hi-po falcons produced, 3 of which were light-weight factory experimental cars.  Some of those 7 were post cars, this one is a hardtop! Only a few of the 7 are accounted for today and this is one of them! They were only produced at the Oakville Ontario assembly plant on a special "after hours" program. All of the cars in this program were hand built. The production total of cars that came out of this program was too low to race in any of the NHRA production classes, so it had to run in the FX class (factory experimental). We have the original letter from NHRA stating this!! This car is also accompanied by tons of other documents including; time slips, and magazines it was featured in! The original bill of sale is there, and even pictures of the previous owner painting the Teachers pet logo on the side before going racing! All previous owners are available to talk about this cars storied history and one still has the room full of trophies this car has won (they aren't included)!

 The body and paint are in very nice condition and the car is very straight. The interior is very nice, as is the chrome and bright work throughout. As you can imagine this car goes like a scared cat and is a true pleasure to drive! There are a few aftermarket "bolt on" changes like wheels and an intake, etc... that can easily be removed to bring the car back to bone stock for maximum investment potential. Since these photos were taken, we have already started to change some of the incorrect items back to original... call for details...


This one of a kind collectable early race car is in excellent investment quality condition overall.  It's currently part of a collection and is only being sold if the right offer, or a trade on a high end Mopar comes along. This car belongs with a Ford, or early race car collector.


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