1970 'Cuda

390 H.P. 440-6 Pack !!


H.D. 4-speed, 4:10 Super Track Pack Dana Rear!


Please note: the car is partially disassembled in the photos...



 One owner for the last 18 years. It's been in storage for most of that time.  The fender tag is present and there is a build sheet for it that the previous owner is trying to hunt down in his files.


Here's the tag info:

26 EN1

N42  N85  N96  R11  Y07

G36  J45  M21  M25  M88  N41

FE5  A34  A62  B51  C16  C55

FE5  H6X9  000  929  C08646

E87  D21  BS23  V0B  xxxxxx


It Breaks down as follows:

N42-Chrome tips


N96-Shaker Hood

R11-Music Master AM

Y07-Built to Canada Specs. (export car)

G36-Painted dual racing mirrors/Driver remote

J45-Hood pins with lanyards

M21-Roof drip mouldings

M25-Wide sill mouldings

M88-Lower deck moulding, 1/4 panel tape

N41-Dual exhaust

FE5-Rallye red

A34-4:10 Dana Super Track Pack

A62-Rallye gauges

B51-Power disc brakes

C16-Console w/wood grain

C55-Bucket seats

FE5-Rallye red, No vinyl top

H6X9-Black trim

E87- 390 h.p. 440-6pack

D21- H.D. 4-speed


I have a number of pictures posted below so please be patient while they download.







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